Will the temperature of the concrete rise too high? When can the prestressing of concrete take place? Will the Plussementti mix gain strength fast enough or should I select the Rapid mix?

The Betometri service is useful when you need to assess the strength development of the concrete and the increase in temperature in a concrete structure.

The Betometri software assists in finding the best option for the casting of concrete structures at worksites and at prefabricated concrete plants, including the composition of the concrete, cement type or covering of the concrete.

Our technical help desk personnel produces a calculation based on the information supplied by the customer.

The required information includes:

  • dimensions of the structure
  • concrete mix
  • formwork and insulation materials and
  • the predicted temperature and wind conditions at the site

Temperature data recorded by a datalogger can also be used in assessing the strength development.

We offer the Betometri service to our customers free of charge. Please contact our technical help desk for further information.

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