Mineral additives

Ground granulated blast-furnace slag KJ400 and Parmix-Silika are mineral additives that can be used as binder in concrete, in addition to cement.

GGBS is a latent hydraulic binder; its hydraulic properties are activated by the calcium hydroxide that is created in the reaction between cement and water and the slag develops strength that is almost equal to that of cement clinker. The slag’s strength reactions produce less heat, which makes it useful in casting massive concrete structures.


Parmix-Silika is a pozzolan, which reacts with the calcium hydroxide released in the hydration of cement and forms calcium silica hydrate, which is similar to ordinary cement stone. Silica significantly improves the strength and impermeability of concrete.

GGBS KJ400 and Parmix-Silika are CE-marked products.

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