The simplest way to make concrete is by combining cement, aggregates and water. The various applications of concrete have their own special demands, however, which are not met by this basic concrete.

Finnsementti’s admixtures help to adapt the properties of fresh and hardened concrete to better suit their intended purpose. Even small doses of admixtures help to improve the technical and economic properties of concrete.

Superplasticisers Air-entraining admixtures Surface retarders
Pigments Other admixtures

Admixtures help to achieve the following benefits:

  • The workability of concrete improves and casting requires less work, as the viscosity of the concrete decreases.
  • The strength and durability of the concrete increase when the concrete’s water content is reduced.
  • The workability of concrete can be extended.
  • The concrete can be made frost resistant, increasing its resistance to freeze-thaw cycles in damp conditions.
  • The cohesiveness of concrete improves.

Our admixtures were developed to work in Finnish conditions together with Finnish cements. Our active co-operation with our customers guarantees superior products and expert service.

Finnsementti is the only Finnish manufacturer of cement. Harnessing our century-long experience, we produce consistently superior cement and create jobs within our industry. The majority of Finland’s cement demand is produced at Finnsementti’s plants in Pargas and Lappeenranta. In addition to cement, our offering includes various concrete admixtures, mineral additives and special aggregates.

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