Air-entraining admixtures

Air-entraining admixtures are surfactants that cause small, permanent bubbles of air to be formed in the concrete during mixing. The air-entraining admixtures are used in concretes that require freeze-thaw resistance. Freeze-thaw resistance means the hardened concrete’s ability to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles when wet. In Finland, nearly all outdoor concrete structures are subject to freezing temperatures and must be resistant to them.

Air entrainment of concrete and a sufficient number of bubbles are key factors when it is important to ensure that concrete is freeze-thaw resistant. Water expands by 9% when it freezes. If the concrete’s pores are full of water, the pressure of the freezing water results in micro-cracking. Cracking increases as the number of freeze-thaw cycles is repeated and will eventually lead to the weathering of the concrete. Air-entraining admixtures create bubbles of air in the concrete, providing space for the freezing water to expand.

Using air-entraining admixtures also usually reduces the water demand in the concrete and the bubbles improve the workability and cohesiveness of the concrete.

Air-entraining admixtures

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