Surface retarders

Surface retarders are used in the manufacture of exposed aggregates. Concrete facades achieve a stunning, beautiful look through the washed concrete technique. The depth of etch of the various surface retarders together with the various crushed aggregates, cement and pigment options available offer countless opportunities for altering the look, surface texture, patterning and colour of the concrete.

The surface retarder is spread into the formwork where it delays the set of the concrete’s top surface to the selected depth. When the retarded cement paste is washed off the set concrete, a clean and even exposed aggregate surface is revealed.

Surface retarders

The surface of washed concrete is strong, weather-resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The aggregate surface made up of crushed natural rock gives the concrete an organic, even colour that lasts. The roughness of the surface decreases the formation of stains caused by flowing water and the washed concrete surface ages uniformly.

Select a surface retarder according to your needs.

Surface retarders
Water-Cote, Etch depth 3–4 mm and 5–6 mm, without QD formwork release agent
Heat-Cote, Heat-resistant, etch depth 2–3 mm, 3–4 mm, 5–6 mm, with QD
Mini ETCH Oil
Mini ETCH Oil, Retarder oil, light etch
Mini-Cote, 1 mm fine etch, with QD
One-Cote, Etch depths < 1 mm, 1 mm, 2–3 mm, 3–4 mm, 5–6 mm, without QD formwork release agent
QD, Formwork release agent

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